SERPS! Better Rank Tracking Software

SERPs: Better Rank Tracking Software

What Does

Track thousands of keywords for multiple search engines and languages, on multiple devices, from multiple locations, every day

All plans include:

Daily ranking data
Mobile, desktop and tablet rankings
Results to the 250th position
Unlimited domains and users
Local rankings at the city or zip-code level
Google and Yahoo rankings in over 400 different country/language combinations

Daily Data

Weekly or monthly rank-checkers can misinterpret normal daily fluctuations as larger trends. Daily rank checking gives a clear picture of actual performance and also let’s you spot big changes (e.g. someone accidentally deindexed half your site) much more quickly.

Any Device, Any Location

Track desktop, mobile or tablet rankings on Google or Yahoo (in hundreds of countries and languages) from any city or zip code.

Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Users

Every plan allows for unlimited domains and unlimited user accounts. Add team members with full access to all your domains or client accounts to grant access to select sites.


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